Diana Von Rigg​​​​​​​


"God did punish him and deliver him into a woman's hands." Judith 16:7​​​​​​​


(21+ only)

Puppy Play with Vivienne L'amour​​​​​​​

STUDIO (for filming, parties and pre-booked one to one*) : Walsall, West Midlands

DOMESTIC: Lichfield, Staffordshire

For first timers I recommend booking a minimum 1 hour to familiarize ourselves with each other and to ensure you’re comfortable. I can often lose track of time so please allow time towards the end of your session for any aftercare and travel commitments. I appreciate while most won't feel the need for aftercare after our session, some would benefit greatly. Should you feel you WILL require aftercare after our session, please let me know before hand so I can do my very best to accomodate.


For some the prospect of entering an unknown ‘dungeon’ with an unknown Mistress can be quite daunting and I can appreciate that. There has been many a time I’ve offered a ‘non typical BDSM’ type appointment where we meet at a mutual location such a coffee shop and we get to know each other in a less intimidating setting, obviously with some fun tasks thrown in during the rendezvous should you feel up to the challenge. So with this I have added a social rate, feel free to use this option rather than jumping straight in at the deep end. BDSM isn’t limited to 4 walls and my needs stretch further than my chamber door.


I am also currently in the process of creating a personal domestic playspace, which I'm looking forward to using to My full advantage, this is where I hold My appointments full time, albeit it small it suits My needs and allows Me to have you on a whim! 

As well as the many toys I have and enjoy adding to My collection, I also own a brand new FETTERS purpose built, multi functional home dungeon bondage with built in cage

The primary structure is formed by a central 115cm x 60cm table section. Two demountable extension sections each approx 60cm long are bolted on to each end of the central table to form the body of the stretching rack/ bondage bed. 

The top of the rack is covered by three padded leather panels, the centre one having an access panel for genital play. 10mm diameter steel bars are welded along both sides of the center and extension sections which provide anchorage for rope bondage or a body strap set. It offers almost everything you would expect in a professionally equipped dungeon, the facility for confinement, bondage, flogging, medical play, C&B/Nipple torture, there is not much you cannot do with this fabulous piece of equipment!

Cage/Table Dimentions: 114cm long x 61cm wide x 80cm high (45" x 24" x 31.5")
Total Cage/Table & Extensions Dimentions: 229cm long x 61cm wide x 80cm high (90" x 24" x 31.5")
Extensions: 58cm long each (22.75")
Gantry Height: 186cm (73"). 



I also have access to a fully equipped studio based in the West Midlands as a base for any group sessions, filming, events etc. I'm more than happy to accomodate an appointment here for a surcharge of £40 per hour, this then covers My travel expenses and studio hire. It has all the equipment a Mistress could wish for and located on a private road. There's minimal onsite parking and plenty of public parking nearby.

Easily accessible by Public Transport (Walsall Train Station) or 5 minutes from J10/M6

The studio space currently includes school room, rough dungeon with full cage and concrete flooring, domestic area, dressing room, shower and changing facilities, kitchen, toilets on every floor, St Andrews cross, multiple spanking benches, sensory deprivation room with bondage bed, BDSM swing, trample boards, suspension rigs, stretching rack and much more.​​​​​​​



As mentioned on the About Me page, all equipment and tools are cleaned thoroughly after each use with medical grade disinfectant, all metals used are sterilised, sharps are disposed of in the proper receptical (Medical sharps container) Condoms and nitrile gloves are used at ALL times when bodily fluids are present. Should you have a latex allergy, please let Me know as I also have latex-free condoms.


I'll always require a deposit upon booking- All deposits are non-refundable. (Please see FAQ page for more information, you are expected to have read this before making your initial introduction). This ensures you're as committed as I to our scheduled appointment. It also allows Me to have security over our forthcoming session and the means to provide you with all the necessary equipment, clothing, toys, then should an incident occur where you can't attend, I havent lost time and prep for our meeting. 



I absolutely adore travelling and playing in new cities and countries, occasionally you may see me post on my social media regarding ‘Tours’.

This is something I offer ONLY when my expenses are either kindly sponsored by a submissive or otherwise, or if I have had plenty of interest within that area.


​​​​​​Cash point meets are also a favourite of Mine and are available for the above areas and more (vetting and suitability required). Financial Domination is a powerful vice for any Woman who knows Her power and worth, all you have to do is get on your knees and BEG for Me to empty that account.


Those who follow Me online will notice I have quite the passion for locking cocks and keeping it that way. With several keys displayed proudly around My neck, these boys have earned their chastity and are comforted in the knowledge I am in charge, I hold the keys and I have the power. Want to consider yourself one of the lucky ones? Time to start earning your place.


WARNING: If you turn up intoxicated, rude, aggressive etc. I will terminate the session immediately and you will not be refunded or offered another appointment with myself.

No excuses.



Domme Next Door

An authentic, domestic style session. I'm dressed casually in my jeans complete with strapon. I could almost be the girl next door. Two hours of pure pegging bliss. Perfect for a lunchtime quickie.

Experience details:

  • £200 for 2 hours | STRAP-ON PLAY ONLY
  • Perfect for beginners and size queens
  • Private and discreet location with shower facilities and parking
  • As many refreshments and breaks as you require

Please email for more information

No Nonsense Caning

Discipline. An essential part of being an asset to todays society. Administered by Myself through the medium of a strict, cold, no-nonsense caning at My domestic premises. 

Correction details:

  • £100 per hour | CORPORAL PUNISHMENT ONLY
  • First aid and aftercare provided
  • All levels catered to
  • Discreet domestic setting

Please email for more information


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