Diana Von Rigg



To book an appointment with Myself I’ve provided a little guide below to help chances of your application being accepted before you submit your application below.


Address me as Ma’am, Miss, Mistress, Goddess, whatever comes naturally as long as it’s respectable and a good representation of my superiority.

You must use correct grammar

Include why you have contacted myself specifically

Brief polite introduction of yourself, be sure to include age, experience, expectations etc

Be respectful and courteous at all times

Please mention any hard limits

Medical issues that I may need to be aware of or any allergies such as latex

Your preferred name/ title

Be as specific as possible with date, time and duration of session required

Any additional information/ requirements or requests for the session

Send a giftcard along with your e-mail, while it's certainly not required it'll always take priority over those without. My time is valuable and this is the best way to go.


Don’t start your first message with your fetishes and demands, I am a human being not a kink vending machine

Don’t ask me to session naked or topless, I will not take your booking and will refuse any future booking

I do not offer intimate worship or anything of a sexual manner so do not ask.

Do not send single lined e-mails. I want to see your drive and thought go into it, remember first impressions do count and there’s no do-over.

Don’t message just ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ say it with me now, FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER

I do not negotiate my rates ever, I shouldn’t need to explain why.

I do not involve non consenting third parties in any manner of play, so do not ask me to involve your wife without her prior knowledge and consent.

No blackmail – THIS IS ILLEGAL


The material on this site is considered sexually oriented and/or explicit, which certain people may find offensive or obscene.

By clicking the enter link provided below, or by entering this website through a direct link, the individual reading these terms certifies and agrees to the following:

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