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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do you offer sex, nudity or imitate worship?

A - Simple answer, NO. You'll be lucky if I even allow you kiss My feet.

Q - Do you offer full toilet training?

A - Not at this moment in time but it's something I'm looking into.

Q - Will you come to my house?

A - For my safety and yours, I don’t do out calls unless I already have specified a specific event I am holding.

Q - Will you film me or take photos?

A - Absolutely not. Not at any point unless pre discussed and a release/agreement has been signed. If i have you tied up in bondage or in chastity, I may ask to take a photo of this particular area but you are well within your rights and more than welcome to politely decline. I have total respect for you and your privacy.

Q - Can I leave a review?

A - Of course, I love hearing feedback, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of our meeting for me. When I’m home for the day and relaxing and suddenly an email notification pops up with feedback from the boys in previously, I love nothing more than relishing in a job well done.

Q - Why do you only offer 5 emails to book a session?

A - Sadly in my experience from time to time we encounter a lot of time wasters, I can gather everything I need to know and tell you what you need to know and confirm in 5 emails or less, anything more than this is considered a session or an attempt to get a ‘free online session’ I am more than happy to discuss your requirements in detail and in length once a deposit has been paid but certainly not before.

Q - Can you provide me a reference if I wanted to session with others?

A - Absolutely, I highly encorage this!! All I ask is as long as you have asked My permission first before discussing any matters concerning myself, I am more than happy to give you a reference and/or give another Mistress a reference should they wish to speak to Me directly.

Q Can I make an outfit request?

A - I love any opportunity to dress up, feel free to request a particular item of clothing and I will do my very best to wear it on the day. If you’re appointment is last minute then you’ll most likely be dominated in Jeans and a t shirt.

Q - Can I call you?

A - I have phone lines set up with Niteflirt, IwantPhone and Adultwork. Occasionally I indulge in phone domination, you can call me via any of these platforms whenever it’s showing im available. If you have booked a session with me then you will recieve my phone number with the confirmation email. Rules for this privilege are outlined within this email. Please note - I DO NOT answer unknown numbers, under ANY circumstance.

Q- Will you tattoo Me?

A- Short answer is No. For a number of reasons. Tattooing is a profession I heavily respect, as is Domination. It would be unethical of Me to offer this in an enviroment not suited to tattooing (e.g. anywhere OUTSIDE of a regulated studio) by regulated I mean, not your mate Daves kitchen. Tattooing and tattooists are scrutinised by local councils and health inspectors that it would be completely irresponsible of Me to perform any type of work without supervision from a professional, in a non clinical enviroment, while in a non-consenting scene. If you want work done, go to a reputable studio, I may even come with you.

Q - What are your hard limits or kinks you don’t enjoy?

A - Scat and sounding are definitely hard limits for me, and the obvious, anything illegal.

Q - What do you mean by screening and vetting?

A - This is a very important and essential part of our meeting. It ensures everything is above board, you are who you say you are and that you value my safety. With this, I am able to ensure I’m completely comfortable with the activities we indulge in. All I ask is a form of UK Gov issued photo I.D to prove you are who you say you are and you're of legal age, for any appointments iI'd ask for you to sign a consent form, and model release form if we are doing any filming. I am afraid this is compulsory.

Q - Am I safe to leave my information with you?

A - Absolutely, everything is stored and kept confidential and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Q - Who have you worked with that I may know?

A - Mistress Tess, Mistress Katerina, Vivienne L’Amour, Miss Ava Black, Rebekka Raynor, Princess Bella and many more in planning stages.

Q - I’m trustworthy/ a regular client, Why do I need to pay a deposit?

A - I sympathise that we may have a wonderful relationship, however as a Professional things can still happen where you may have to miss a schedueled appointment. I expect many of you will understand this without saying, however there's still the odd 1% that thinks We'll run off and start a new life with their £50. 

Q - Do you do online domination?

A - Absolutely. I tend to use KiK and Skype, or you can submit to me through Adultwork.com/Dianavonrigg

Q - Do you use a safeword?

A - Of course, I always give everyone the option to use safewords. My preferred ones are AMBER for when the play is becoming too much, the intensity needs to decrease, or you need to stop to move position etc, this is not to be abused and you are expected to communicate any discomfort or unpleasant restrictions at all times. For anything else, I use the word RED, once this is said the session will terminate immediately. This is also not to be abused, and should only be used when you feel you have reached your absolute limit and AMBER is not an option. I often session with regular friends and submissives without using one as I have an excellent judge of body language and a keen eye for what you can and cannot take just from sight, sound and touch, but the words are ALWAYS there as a safety net for you and I will take pride in reminding you of this throughout. 

Q - Do you do doubles?

A - I love being able to session with my friends- I have the pleasure of working closely with a number of Mistress's - Email to enquire and let Me know what you have in mind.

Q - Will you travel to me?

A - Yes, I love travelling and touring however you would be expected to cover the costs/expenses of your arrangement and you will only be in My company for the time paid for. This is not an invitation to be at My side 24-7.

Q - Can I film with you? Of course,

A - I’m always looking for filming subs, this is at a rate of £80 for the full day, this covers studio space, equipment hire and other labours of love involve with filming. I expect any prospective filming slaves to be experienced in BDSM and Femdom as well as filming.


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